How the Lonely Single Can Kill Boredom During Challenging Times

Are you lonely and getting bored? How can you manage or totally eliminate boredom in your life especially during this trying periods in the World history?

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic that had laid a siege on the entire World, I had been locked down at my home. In the first few weeks, my life literally degenerated to mere sleeping, eating and watching the television. I started getting bored in-spite of the fact that I am even quarantined with my entire family. In any case, my partner has been wonderful supporting in
the cooking and homemaking while the kids do the dishes and other minor home chores.

I now begin to put myself in the shoes of my friends and colleagues around the World who are single and lonely even in this circumstance. I know because I was once single, lonely and felt bored.

Boredom brings about tiredness and loss of vision. When you are bored, you feel like someone thrown into the desert with no sense of direction. You feel like you are lost. You become clueless on what next to do with your life. Happiness and joy begin to elude you. You begin to lose interest in yourself and all that concerns you. You start to withdraw from friends and well-wishers. It could be a period you could fall into depression and begin to nurse suicidal thoughts.

Being single and lonely are no problems on their own, it is what you make out of the situation. It is always hilarious when the burden of boredom is lifted off your shoulders. You will have energy, poise and the motivation needed to take action to move your life forward in the right direction. You will be much clearer on your life's mission and vision.

So, what are the top 5 ways you can eliminate boredom, and thrive in your life.

• To-Do List: You've got to keep a schedule of your activities on a daily basis. Organize this list the night before the next day. Do not give any room to fighting any 'fire' by taking time out to carefully plan your activities everyday in advance. And when you have planned out what to do and you're doing the actions religiously, boredom will cease to exist in your life.

• Read Another Book: Reading another book in your area of interest is another way of waving boredom goodbye. When you're reading a book on a subject you're passionate about, your entire being is absorbed in it. You want to get the meat out of the book. You're trying to decipher the information and the message the author is passing across.

• Learn a New Skill: What is that skill you've been wanting to learn all these while? This is the great opportunity! You want to be a dancer? You want to be a seamstress? You want to learn how to play the guitar? If you're an entrepreneur, this is the time to sharpen your marketing skills for the current realities. And you'll discover that the curiosity to know the next steps would replace your boredom.

• Connect: This is the time to create new relationships and probably re-connect with your good old folks. And good enough, we are no longer limited by time and space. Thanks to the numerous social media platforms where you can make new friends around the World in a fly 247.

• Exercise: During this lock-down, many a single and lonely folks have gained some extra pounds. It is fast becoming a twin problem of boredom and overweight. And so, you need to incorporate exercises into your regimen to address your health and boredom challenges.

Boredom can be eliminated. The onus is therefore on you to keep yourself mentally and physically engaged in order to push feeling of getting bored behind you.